Georgia, eXtension Cooperate on Virtual AgrAbility Farm

The small “blurb” used to introduce this article that appeared in the email version of UPDATE erroneously implied that eXtension and the University of Georgia were working together to build the Agrability Farm at Tifton, GA. As explained below, Agrability and eXtension are collaborating on creating a VIRTUAL 3D version of the farm that will be located at the Virtual State Fair in Second Life. We apologize for any confusion!–Update Editor
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Imagine an assistive technology farm that anyone in the world could visit at any time.

The Georgia AgrAbility program has been working on the design and development of an assistive technology demonstration farm to be built in Tifton, Georgia. Recently, AgrAbility partnered with eXtension to create a virtual 3D version of the farm which will be located at the Virtual State Fair in Second Life. Soon participants will be able to go on their computer, choose an avatar and explore the AgrAbility farm from anywhere in the world.

The farm will: 1) have demonstrations, information and ideas on ways to adapt farming to accommodate for a disability; 2) teach about farm culture and why returning /staying in this vocation is important; and 3) present basic information on what farming entails (i.e. basic equipment overview, types of farming).

Target audiences include farmers and their families, physical therapists working with farming patients, vocational rehabilitation counselors, and university students in agricultural studies.

Phase 1 of the virtual farm is scheduled for completion in June 2013. For more information about the project, contact Rebecca Brightwell,, Co-Director, AgrAbility, University of Georgia, or LuAnn Phillips,, eXtension Virtual 3D.