Great Feedback on eXtension


From time to time we hear great feedback from the public and university colleagues on how eXtension has worked well for them. Kathy Flanders of Auburn University and a leader of eXtension’s Imported Fire Ants Community of Practice recently shared this:


Just wanted to let you know a little tidbit about our eXtension fire ant website. I teach an environmental biology course for a local community college and I assigned a short essay on phorid flies. I found it interesting that nearly every single one of my 30 students use eXtension as a resource! Looks like we have good “Google juice”, because I’m sure they just Googled the subject and clicked on the first thing they saw. I was also happy to see that their comments were actually science based and not from “schmo joe’s” blog.

Thought you might like to know that!


Molly Keck, Integrated Pest Management Program Specialist
Texas AgriLife Extension Service, Bexar County