Ask an Expert Gaining Traction

eXtension is seeing some excellent traffic to the new public site featuring Ask an Expert questions and answers. One of eXtension’s goals for the new Ask an Expert was to share more broadly the good answers provided to clients’ questions. After just three months of operation we can say that it is working. For a new site, its growth is exceedingly remarkable. The site has seen a traffic increase of 173 percent since January.

More importantly, there is evidence that the site is gaining traction with search engines. The number of people coming to Ask an Expert via search has increased from just 50 in January to more than 500 in March. In January 3 percent were finding the site through Google, but by March that number had increased to 13 percent. We’d like to see the traffic from search close to 80 percent so we still have a lot of room for growth.

Please click on the chart below to see how traffic has increased:


We are adding some additional features in the next month to enhance discoverability even more. Your hard work in providing quality answers is most definitely paying dividends. As we see the traffic grow we’re going to need to expand our capability for answering questions. If you haven’t already, please consider joining the growing rank of experts answering questions at Ask an Expert by adding tags and location to your settings.