The Food Safety Game Grand Reopening

diner shot (1)

This month features the reopening of the Food Safety Inspector Game, located adjacent to the Virtual State Fair in Second Life. The game teaches basic food safety concepts in a commercial setting, and was originally piloted by Kristin Woods of Alabama Cooperative Extension. Visitors play the role of food safety inspector, locate and learn about 16 possible sources of foodborne pathogens in the local diner, solve a puzzle and receive a prize package of virtual items for completing all activities. Non-player characters interact with the visitors to make the experience more fun and realistic. The diner also serves as a social hangout, where avatars may listen to music, select a virtual meal and chat with friends. From the diner, visitors may explore other content located throughout virtual Morrill County and the fairgrounds.

To access the game, go to If you are new to Second Life, you will be prompted to register for a free account, and after that you will arrive at the game. An orientation area is available there for new users. More information is available at and by contacting