Inclusion of eXtension in Grant Programs Continues Growth


One of the critical success factors used to gauge the success of eXtension is the inclusion of eXtension in various grants and contracts, especially in USDA-NIFA competitive grant programs.

To this point in time, 114 grants supporting up to 33 Communities of Practice have been funded by a combination of private, state and federal entities. The majority of these funds (86%) have been used to enhance CoPs, the remainder (14%) focused on creating new Communities of Practice. Approximately 95% of the funds have gone to Extension faculty at member institutions.

In 2012, when counting all contracts, sponsorships, donations, course revenue and grants received including the New Technologies for Ag Extension award, CES received $1.69 of additional funds for each $1 invested by CES Directors and Administrators.

In 2013, the inclusion of eXtension in USDA-NIFA competitive grant programs continues to grow. To date, 80 “letters of acknowledgement” have been written and included in various grant applications to the following list of programs:

• AgrAbility and Youth Farm Safety
• Organic Transitions
• Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI):
–Agricultural Science for Climate Variability and Change
–Agriculture and Natural Resources Science for Climate Variability and Change
–Childhood Obesity Prevention
–DOE-USDA Plant Feedstock Genomics For Bioenergy program
–Food Safety Challenge
–NIFA Fellowships Grant Program
–Plant Breeding for Agricultural Production
–Sustainable Bioenergy
• Children, Youth, and Family at Risk (CYFAR)
• Pest Management Alternatives Program (PMAP)
• 1890 Capacity Funding Program
• Health & Human Services
• Higher Education Challenge (HEC) Grants Program

As stated, interest in including eXtension continues to grow, for instance in 2012, a total of 83 letters of acknowledgement were included in various programs. The bottom line is an emphasis in collaboration and working together remains high among all those developing grant applications.