June Ask an Expert Features Include Improved Tagging and State Report, Plus Simpler Sign-In

Redesigned Question Page

We have observed some confusion around the interface for sending responses, as well as gotten feedback on the utility of the question page. In order to address these issues, the “answer” page has been merged with the “question” page, and the question interface has been redesigned.

Here are the highlights of the new design:

  • The response form is now below the question. This makes it much easier to use because you can now see the original question and any responses while you compose an answer.
  • Question actions (Privacy, Edit, Close, Reject, Watch) are grouped at the top for easy access.
  • The submitter meta data (which group was asked, when, and how many other questions) is more obvious.
  • A new question “status bar”, which clearly indicates what needs to happen or what did happen.
  • If the submitter has asked any other questions, we list them in the sidebar.
  • The privacy status now clearly indicates if a public question has been made private.
  • Additionally, there are new filtering options to take advantage of newly exposed privacy status.


Improved Tagging Interface

A tag’s popularity is now displayed in the “add tag” interface. This helps experts select the more frequently occurring tag (when there are multiple to choose from), which will lead to better group and expert matches.

Improved State Report

The language of the report has been clarified, and an in-state/out-of-state visualization has been added. There’s also quick links to a state on the Ask an Expert Dashboard.
Better explanation of numbers


Simpler Sign-in

If an expert signs in using a social network account, it can lead to confusion because those accounts are not associated with eXtension accounts. Additionally, social network accounts don’t have access to the expert-side of AaE. In order to make the sign-in process simpler and easier to understand, if an expert clicks a link in an assignment email, they will now skip the step below and be sent directly to the eXtension Sign In. If someone clicks “sign in” on the Public side of Ask an Expert, they get a better explanation of the sign-in options.
Simpler sign-in