Ask an Expert: Recently Released Features

Enhanced Reporting

There’s a new “questions touched” metric which counts all question activity (answered, assigned, tagged, edited, located, grouped) for individual experts. State reports have also been expanded to include a breakdown of in-state vs out-of-state expert activity for that state’s questions. Reports now include the entire list of experts for a given location or group, and not just the top forty.

Editing for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Added the ability to edit a question and responses. Designed primarily to allow SEO of public questions, this features allows experts to correct spelling, grammar and tweak a question’s title to generate better search rankings.

I’m Working on This

We’ve brought back the ability to indicate an answer is “In Progress.” When someone has indicates they are working on it, we display a banner at the top of the question.

Group Assignments in Plain English

Have you experienced any confusion about question assignments in your groups? We’ve added a new page which attempts to describe the assignment settings in plain English for each particular group. Click the “How are questions assigned to this group?” link on any group homepage to get the explanation.

Expert Reassignment Alert

New alert banner on the reassignment screen indicates if a question has been previously assigned to that expert. Also displaying additional expert info to help with reassignment decisions.

New Assignment Option for Groups

There’s a new option designed to eliminate the impact of high volume counties and distribute questions evenly across a state. Look for the “Ignore a question’s county when assigning to group members” option on the Group Home > Settings > Assignment Options page.