Digital Information Broker Train-the-Trainer Adds New Sessions


eXtension continues to have great interest in its train-the-trainer opportunity to help support staff become “Digital Information Brokers” through learning to use eXtension tools. Since the training was first offered in December 2012, more than 16 states have participated. Virginia Tech was the first institution to take the next step, offering Digital Information Broker training to support staff. This training is slated to be offered monthly in Virginia.

Lela Vandenberg, Jerry Thomas and Terry Meisenbach invite you to attend one of the sessions in July or October. These session are for those willing to take responsibility for training support staff (AND agents/educators) in their states to make better use of eXtension’s online resources to help customers find answers to their questions.

It’s best (but not required) if you recruit at least one other person to attend this train-the-trainer, so that there are at least two people from your institution responsible for offering training.

Participants will learn how use an online format to teach their front-line personnel to:
‒ search for an answer or ask a question in eXtension’s Ask an Expert system
‒ direct clients to and search two other eXtension sites
‒ get an eXtension ID and join the Support Staff Community
‒ Use People to connect people to specific national experts
‒ Use Learn for their own professional development

The sessions will be participatory and hands-on. Each participant will have the opportunity to go through the same process they’ll use when training support staff. Step-by-step instructions for conducting a similar training will be shared, along with useful handouts for support staff.

The sessions are conducted in this Adobe Connect room:, which will also be sent to you prior to your session, along with a phone number.

PLEASE REGISTER for one of the free sessions below; all are from 1-2:30 p.m. ET. They are limited to 12 people per session. If there’s only one that fits your schedule, sign up even if it’s full to get on a waiting list. More sessions will be offered if there’s a demand.

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Thanks, and we look forward to ‘seeing’ you online!