Learning Opportunities in May 2013 and Beyond

Over 25 different learning events in May are listed at Learn.extension.org for your own learning or for you to share with your audiences, and more will be added! By participating in an event you can extend your knowledge and keep more up-to-date on conversations in your areas of expertise and interest.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the events listed at Learn (learn.extension.org). Sign in with your eXtensionID to Follow to get notifications and plan to attend. Use each session’s unique URL to share links to online events in your area of expertise so that others can learn with you. Encourage your customers to also sign in with their Facebook, Twitter or Gmail account to Follow, and plan to attend. Additional sessions may be added at any time, so check back to see what’s new, or add your web-based sessions.

Popular topics in May include…
“Celiac Disease and Gluten Related Disorders – What’s the Difference?” was live on May 1. Gluten-free diets and lifestyles are being promoted in books such as Wheat Belly and in media ‘talk shows’. But who should be buying and eating gluten-free foods? Has the prevalence of Celiac Disease increased significantly in recent years? Can a person be gluten sensitive but not have Celiac disease? If someone in my family learns they need to avoid gluten, what do I need to know and do Offered by the Families Foods and Fitness CoP. Watch the Recording!https://learn.extension.org/events/1009

“Paying for Post-Secondary Education Expenses – Part 1” on May 21 and “Paying for Educational Expenses and the GI Bill – Part 2” on May 23. This 2-part series on paying for educational expenses is offered by the Military Families Learning Network.

Go to Learn (learn.extension.org) to find more sessions related to 4-H, Backyard Flocks, Capacity Building, Companion Animals, Creating Healthy Communities, Disasters, Energy, Entrepreneurship, eXtension, Families Foods Fitness, Farm Safety & Health, Fire Ants, Home Energy, Immigration Reform, Leadership, Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Centers, Military Families – Child Care, Military Families – Family Caregiving, Military Families – Personal Finance, Network Literacy, Volunteerism, Wildlife Damage Management, Backyard Flocks, and Youth.

Questions and Comments? Contact Beth Raney at beth.raney@extension.org. If you have web-based events for which you would like more participation, please add it at Learn.extension.org.