3 Communities Launch in May; 66 Communities Now Public on eXtension

Agricultural and Food Law

The Agricultural and Food Law Community of Practice provides objective legal research and information dealing with the array of local, state, federal and international laws, regulations and policies that impact the nation’s food, fiber and energy systems. The Community of Practice is led by the National Agricultural Law Center, headquartered in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The CoP leaders are Harrison Pittman and Rusty Rumley from Arkansas. The primary topics in this resource area are agritourism, alternative dispute resolution, business organization, environmental law, estate planning, food law, Native American agriculture and renewable energy law.
Check it out at eXtension.org/ag_law

Animal Welfare
As the Animal Welfare Community of Practice develops content, members encourage the submission of questions for their experts. Topic areas will include ethics, housing, disease, transport, handling, slaughter, euthanasia, and pain and distress. Information on the site will cover cattle (dairy and beef), sheep, goats, horses, camelids (llamas and alpacas), poultry (chickens and turkeys), and swine. The CoP leaders are Maurice Eastridge and Jessica Pempek from Ohio State University.
See http://www.extension.org/animal_welfare

Volunteer Administration
The Volunteer Administration Community of Practice is a clearinghouse for peer-reviewed resources and expert-created professional development focused on improving the knowledge and practice of those responsible for the administration of volunteer systems. It is a central, convenient, easy-to-use resource synthesizing the diverse arena of applied and scientific research. The Community leader is Molly Frendo from Michigan State University.
Check it out at http://www.extension.org/volunteer_administration