Ask an Expert Evaluation and Impact Data

When we developed Ask an Expert 2.0 we built-in an automated collection system for impact and evaluation data. Many of the questions were built upon the evaluation we’d conducted of user satisfaction from more than two years ago. We wanted a system that was more in the flow, so that people were asked for input while the Ask an Expert system was fresh in their minds. We’ve been collecting data for more than six months now, and have enough responses to do some preliminary analysis. See the results here: Ask an Expert Evaluation (

One of the results that we’re particularly excited about is the growth of our Extension experts answering questions. The number is up sharply from last year, and we greatly appreciate all of you helping us to make Ask an Expert such a great success. Click on the image below to see an enlarged chart showing our growth:


Of course, we’d like to see the number of experts even larger. As the number of questions asked increase, we most definitely need more people to help answer them. If you’d like to get involved in Ask an Expert, please let us know (

Ask an Expert continues to reach new audiences. The number of people using the system who had never heard of, or never used Cooperative Extension remains high at 57 percent. Seventy-seven percent of the survey respondents indicated that they were extremely satisfied or satisfied with their answers. There are many other interesting findings in the data, and we hope you will spend some time exploring the results further. For the seriously curious, all of the data is available for download for conducting additional analysis. We have a lot of data, and there is still much to be learned.