Critical Success Factor 2: Filling Expertise Gaps

Critical Success Factor 2 – eXtension fills gaps in disciplinary expertise that may not be available in individual institutions and can enhance existing programs:

Communities of Practice collaborate across institutions to develop content that can fill disciplinary gaps in institutions. The collective expertise of the CoPs gives local educators a place to find experts across disciplines, which can be especially helpful as emerging issues develop, or disaster strikes.

In 2012, evidence provided by CoPs indicates that

* eXtension CoPs help fill gaps by enhancing collaboration of experts with a breadth and depth of knowledge that no one institution can sustain.
* eXtension provides a place where reliable, up-to-date information on our subject matter can be found
* eXtension fills gaps by providing technological resources in the form of webinars, Moodle courses, and social media that extends the reach of state efforts to a national level audience.