eXtension Announces Learning Opportunities in June 2013 and this Summer

Over 20 different learning events in June 2013 are listed in Learn (Learn.extension.org) for your own learning or for you to share with your audiences. More will be added! By participating in an event you can extend your knowledge and keep more up-to-date on conversations in your areas of expertise and interest.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the events listed at Learn (learn.extension.org). Log in with your eXtensionID to Follow to get notifications and plan to attend. Use each session’s unique URL to share links to online events in your area of expertise so that others can learn with you. Encourage your customers to also sign in with their Facebook, Twitter or gmail account to “Follow”, and plan to attend. Additional sessions may be added at any time, so check back to see what’s new, or add your web-based sessions.

Popular topics in June include…

“Use of surveys in Extension for program development and evaluation”
on June 20. Online surveys are a useful tool for evaluating Extension work and for program development. In addition to discussing the way surveys can be used, the benefits of online surveys, pitfalls to avoid, and limitations, this presentation will also be the kick-off event for an informal learning community aimed at mastering the Qualtrics online survey software now in use by eXtension and other institutions. The informal learning session will be held between June 24 and July 17, 2013 within a Google+ community. Offered by the Network Literacy CoP. See details at https://learn.extension.org/events/1069.

“Ask an Expert Orientation” on June 5. This introductory session on Ask an Expert will teach you everything you need to know to get up and started answering people’s questions that come into the eXtension Ask an Expert system. Offered by eXtension. Details at https://learn.extension.org/events/1086.

The National Association of Extension Program and Staff Development Professionals (NAEPSDP) is offering a series of learning events over the next few months leading up to their conference in Kansas City in December 2013. The first, “The 21st Century Extension Professional,” is on June 4. See the others at https://learn.extension.org/events/tag/naepsdp

Go to Learn (learn.extension.org) to see more sessions related to Community Outreach, EDEN, Entrepreneurship, eOrganic, eXtension Ask an Expert, eXtension Institutional Teams, eXtension Moodle Meetup, Farm Safety and Health, Fire Ants, Food Value, Group, Horticulture, LPELC, Military Families Child Care, Military Families Personal Finance, Natural Gas from Shale, Network Literacy, Personal Finance, Small Flocks, and Wildlife Damage Management.

Questions and Comments? Contact Beth Raney at beth.raney@extension.org. If you have web-based events for which you would like more participation, please add it at Learn.extension.org.