eXtension, Kentucky Launch Corn & Soybean App


A new free application for handheld mobile devices will help corn and soybean growers make field and management decisions.

The corn and soybean app was designed to help growers plan their work in the office or on the field. The app includes a crop calendar for corn and soybeans, some of the growth stages for corn, access to crop progress reports and useful facts for helping make production decisions.

The calendar in the app sets approximate dates for field work and management.

The app’s features include:

Useful everyday equivalences and measures
-weight and seed compositions
-row width and length
-how much is one acre, gallon, pound

Production calendar for prioritizing and scheduling work
-corn for grain
-corn for sillage
-full season soybean
-double crop soybean

Growth stages

-key growth stages in corn
-corn growing degree days calculations
-GDDs expectations

-USDA crop reports
-Development and harvesting progress by state

The app was developed by the corn and soybean experts on eXtension led by Chad Lee, University of Kentucky grain crops Extension specialist. Additional images from the app are at http://www.extension.org/67906.

The app may be downloaded at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cornproduction/id643458959?mt=8.