‘People’: Meet the New (Almost the Same as the Old) Application

eXtension’s “People” application – on the web at https://people.extension.org – is at the center of eXtension’s websites and services. For most of eXtension’s applications, every sign in and every account, goes through People. When it’s unavailable, so are the other services in eXtension.

Thankfully, for almost five years, the People site has been the workhorse of eXtension’s web sites, having the honorable distinction of “just working” and along the way, growing to be the most comprehensive national directory of Extension personnel in the nation, a hub for finding and connecting with colleagues.

But in eXtension, we’re never satisfied with “it just works”. And People was getting along in Internet years, the base software was no longer supported, browsing colleagues could be slow, connecting to institutions was confusing, and more. Things didn’t work always as well as we wanted.

So, of course, we did the unthinkable. We completely rewrote it. And, in the wee hours of the morning on Monday, June 24, we replaced the old site with the new.

Didn’t notice? Great! That’s exactly how we wanted it to go.

It’s the same familiar People application. You can still update your directory and social network information, and share it with your colleagues and even the world. You can search and browse for colleagues, create and join communities, and you still use it to sign in to most eXtension sites and services.

But like a modern-day Six Million Dollar Man Steve Austin, the new People is better, faster, stronger and smarter.

For the web aficionados, People is built to the latest web standards, HTML5, a smattering of CSS3, the latest Bootstrap and Ruby on Rails frameworks, and a foundation to continue keeping pace with the latest technologies.

What that really means is that makes things even easier to connect and find colleagues. Want to find all the Master Gardeners that have supplied their Twitter account and that are interested in photography? Just use the new filtering and browsing options – you can get to them from the front page:


and you can browse and search by community, location, position, social network, and interests.


Do you know of a colleague that’s a Master Gardener and is interested in Photography? Give them a helping hand by editing their profile (don’t worry, we’ll let them know you did):


These are just some of the improvements, large and small, in the new People. We invite you to explore it, discovering the new (and even the old again!) at https://people.extension.org