eXtension in the National News: August 2013 – 9 Communities of Practice, 15 Media Mentions

National media outlets featured and cited eXtension on a number of topics in August:

Animal manure management; Corn and soybean production – 1 mention
Bee health – 1 mention
Dairy cattle – 1 mention
EDEN — 1 mention
Farm energy – 7 mentions
Gardens, lawns and landscapes – 1 mention
Personal finance – 2 mentions
Small and backyard flocks – 1 mention

The mentions with links to media are posted at http://create.extension.org/node/97265

If you know of other eXtension mentions in national media outlets or have suggestions of potential national news stories, contact Lynette Spicer at lynette.spicer@eXtension.org.