Judging Horses Online Provides Experience

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Judging horses competitively provides youth and college students with the opportunity to gain life skills such as decision making, organizing thoughts, objective evaluation and public speaking. Developing the ability to judge horses well requires practice before the competitions. Although it is ideal to practice judging live animals, opportunities to judge quality horses in person can be difficult to secure, depending on location, cost and availability. Judging horses via video is a great alternative to help supplement the learning experience of youth and adults.

To help horse judging team coaches and judging team members, Teri Antilley turned to eXtension in 2011 for assistance in distributing the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Online Horse Judging videos and handouts. They are now available through a monthly and a yearly subscription on campus.extension.org. Since then, the videos have served as a valuable resource for 4-H, FFA and collegiate horse judging teams in Texas and many other states. More than 320 teams have purchased access to these courses.

The courses contain more than 100 horse judging videos and presentations. New videos are added as they become available. Background information, score sheets/placing cards and practice videos are included in the course. There are introductory videos, 2-horse videos (for less experienced judgers), and 4-horse videos (for more experienced judgers). Official placings and cuts are included, as are critiques of the class and/or reasons. Some classes also include penalty videos (e.g., reining). Classes in the course include halter, western pleasure, western horsemanship, hunter under saddle, hunt seat equitation, reining, western riding and trail.

For more information about these online courses, contact Teri Antilley at tjantilley@ag.tamu.edu. For information about how Moodle might contribute to your educational efforts, contact the eXtension Campus help desk at campushelp@extension.org.