Working Differently: Writers Feature Trending Topics on eXtension Home Page


With the advent of a new web site in July, the home page feature is now written specifically for eXtension. The top articles are about trending topics related to land-grant university resources and science-based topics. The topics do not need to be an eXtension community of practice area.

The original articles use at least two experts from different states and link to eXtension, land-grant university and other science-based information. To date, the articles have been about protecting structures in wildfire areas (; negotiations on the federal farm bill (; obesity rates starting to fall (; providing information for consumers, businesses, agricultural producers, educators on the Affordable Care Act ( and Salmonella linked to backyard chickens (

The goals of the articles are to
• increase the discoverability of to recoup from the effects of duplicate content,
• provide a national view for science-based topics and
• promote and brand eXtension and Cooperative Extension.

Each original article lists the sources at the end and links to an eXtension bio or to another bio. eXtension bios should not duplicate others on the web. They are written in a feature style rather than an academic biography.

The eXtension bios of experts quoted in the feature articles are:
Diane Bales, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension,
Bonnie Braun, University of Maryland Extension,
Jacquie Jacob, University of Kentucky Extension,
Mike Kuhns, Utah State University Extension,
Brad Lubben, University of Nebraska Extension,
Brigid McCrea, Delaware State University Extension,
Glenn Nader, University of California Cooperative Extension,
Megan O’Neil, University of Maryland Extension,
Steve Quarles, Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety,

The feature articles are written by a small team of writers formed by Terry Meisenbach, eXtension Communications and Marketing Leader. The writers are Dan Moser from the University of Nebraska Extension, Peg Boyles formerly with University of New Hampshire Extension, Robin Adams who was previously with North Carolina A&T State University Extension and Lynette Spicer, eXtension’s Virtual News Room Manager.