eXtension Virtual Learning Tops 70,000 in 2013

interactive bev guide at AFC

The total number of visits to eXtension virtual learning environments in Second Life for the 2013 year is 71,604. The Avatar Fitness Club continues to drive traffic to eXtension in Second Life, with more than 31,000 visits to the club since September 1. This venue offers a social environment for changing habits and maintaining weight loss through regular exercise and nutrition education.

New educational content includes a 3D representation of the famous “Rethink Your Drink” lesson, which will be familiar to all Family and Consumer colleagues; training on how to use the USDA SuperTracker website; and field trips to the University of Idaho Diabetes Living interactive restaurant, where visitors can experiment with menu choices to fit their eating plans. Collaboration is ongoing with Australian Jason Jarred, a fitness blogger, certified personal trainer and exercise physiology student, to bring mixed media live fitness classes to the venue. Click here to visit the Avatar Fitness Club to see what it has to offer!