Gamble, Spicer Resign; Giddens Relocates


Kevin Gamble, eXtension’s former Associate Director for Information Technology and currently a consultant for eXtension has resigned. Kevin began his service with eXtension while at North Carolina State University and upon his retirement from NC State joined the staff as an engineering consultant. He will be pursuing other interests.


Lynette Spicer, the manager of eXtension’s virtual newsroom and curator of has resigned effective January 31, 2014. Lynette began working with eXtension through Iowa State University and continued upon her retirement from Iowa State several years ago. She’s planning to spend more time with family and in her garden (after the snow melts).


Michelle Giddens, Assistant to the Director, has relocated from Lincoln, Nebraska to Birmingham, Alabama. She continues to handle all aspects of work related to budgets, expenditures, and grant management for the eXtension Initiative.