eXtension Releases Annual Report; State Reports

Annual Report

Sarah Baughman, eXtension Evaluation and Research Leader, has released the 2013 eXtension Annual Report as part of the National Extension Directors and Administrators meeting in Sacramento in March.

“This report, done as an infographic, reflects the growth and change eXtension has experienced in 2013 and looks toward even greater growth for the years ahead,” said Baughman.

The report is supplemented with testimonials from both internal and external users of eXtension.

Baughman also released individual State Reports to directors and administrators at the NEDA meeting. These reports, again done in an infographic style, outlined each state’s participation in Ask an Expert and Communities of Practice.

“The state reports are a more streamlined version of previous reports removing irrelevant data and detailing critical information reflecting the success of each state’s participation in Ask an Expert,” said Baughman.

The 2013 Annual report can be found here.

State reports can be found here.