UPDATE: eXtension Strategic Planning Moving Forward with Disruptive E-nnovation


eXtension Strategic Planning Committee Chair Keith Smith, Ohio State University, reports four targets for the new eXtension:

·Innovation as the engine to move and keep digital Cooperative Extension in the forefront of open access online learning;
·Engagement and retention of new and existing audiences, and digital professional development of Extension educators to bring new opportunities to Extension, enhance use of local resources, and increase institution’s capacities;
·Leadership and management structured as a nonprofit cooperative to support the flexibility, innovation and entrepreneurship needed in fast paced digital environments; and
·Entrepreneurship supporting a new “investment” business model that includes institutional choices to invest, public and private national and global partnerships, fees for services and leveraging revenue streams.

Smith said the eXtension Strategic Planning Committee is taking into account the pace of technology advancements to mobile devices, young and old engaging in digital personal learning networks, and that forty-five percent of those seeking information go to a friend first.

Details will be provided to the Extension Committee on Organization & Policy (ECOP) at its July 22, 2014 meeting in San Diego by Smith, together with Elbert Dickey, eXtension director, and Dennis Calvin, eXtension Governing Committee Chair, Pennsylvania State University, with additional information provided to Cooperative Extension Directors and Administrators shortly thereafter.