Ask an Expert Enhances Profile Editing

We’ve observed a perennial need to help experts edit settings on their Ask an Expert profiles. Whether it’s group leaders trying to get a group to function more effectively, or an individual who needs help tweaking settings, there wasn’t a good way to step in and directly help someone. Although we did have the ability to help tag experts and change their vacation status using the Helping Hand page, there was no way to help someone fix formatting/mark-up problems in their profile description or adjust their answering settings.

This problem has been addressed with a new feature that makes profiles fully editable by any extension account holder. You can find this new feature by looking for the “Helping Hand” link on any profile. The Helping Hand page now includes a link to edit the full profile.



In addition to making profiles universally editable, there is some reorganization of the navigation to make the profile pages easier to use. An expert’s question activity is also now displayed on its own list view, which makes it easier to scan and read.