Parkinson’s Research Project Seeks eXtension 3D Assistance

Fran Serenade

A research team from University of Oregon, University of Florida, University of California-Irvine, and the University of Pennsylvania reached out to eXtension 3D to help them design a better way for Parkinson’s Disease patients to access Second Life.

The researchers, representing leading centers for research on Parkinson’s, will be studying the effect of avatar-mediated experiences on the well-being of patients with the disease.

eXtension is consulting on the development of a HUD user interface that “gamifies” new user orientation to Second Life, is simple and fun to use, and which will provide data to the researchers about the patients’ activities and progress with their avatars.

A unique feature of the HUD will be the capability to be customized for each patient, drawing on a use profile stored in a remote database.

A mother and daughter who have created a support program in Second Life for Parkinson’s patients inspired the research. This is their story.