Moodle Technology Extends CES’ Reach

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Since 1995 the Veterinary Assistant Handbook has been a popular tool for 4-H leaders, ag agents, ag science teachers, and home school groups to help students aspiring to a career in veterinary science.

In 2007 when eXtension first began offering MOODLE as a delivery platform for online courses, the facilitator of the Veterinary Assistant Handbook, Dr. Buddy Faries, began exploring how he might transform the handbook into an online course available via eXtension’s MOODLE site

Today the Veterinary Science Curriculum is available to educators in two formats. One format is as a curriculum resource where leaders can access the learning materials including handouts, quizzes, assignments, lecture slides or video lectures for their face to face programs. Another format is as an online course where educators can purchase their own instance of the course that includes 100 modules. Each module includes: a veterinary science lesson, prerecorded teacher-led video, printable note sheets, automated quiz, and assignments to be submitted online.
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One of the first schools to set up an online course was Roscoe Collegiate. The course has been one of the most active at with some 112, 673 hits last year. This is one example of how we can use technology to extend our reach by repurposing educational resources that are used in the face-to-face educational environment and making it available in the online educational environment.

Extension professionals interested in developing a Moodle course should contact: