Wearable Technology: Experiment with Us and Share what You Learn


If you have a fitness wearable, smart watch, Google Glass or similar wearable device join our eXtension Wearable Technology user community or our Google Human Augmentation and Wearable community and share your experience with others experimenting with these devices.

Many of us in Cooperative Extension are exploring how wearable technology can be used in Extension Programming. eXtension has engaged many of you around this topic. We know there are more people experimenting with wearables. Join others and share your experiences and what you are learning through the user community. Many people are enjoying the benefits of Jawbone, Fitbit, Lift, and other fitness-related technology. eXtension would like to engage with you and hear your great ideas on how you are using these emerging technologies.

As part of the eXtension Wearable Technology Community, Ohio State University Extension will start loaning out three pairs of Google Glass to OSU Extension professionals in mid November. The goal is to document and evaluate the use of Glass for educational and personal productivity impacts. Both county educators and specialists will be invited to help with the testing. The results will be documented and shared with the Cooperative Extension System. This is part of a multi-state project involving Kentucky and Alabama.

Got a GoPro Camera or Google Glass? Let us know how you are using these amazing new technologies. Are they making you more efficient at your job? Are they making you more productive? Share with us your world by joining one of the user communities around wearable technologies.

For more information on the Wearable Technology contact Craig Wood [craig.wood@extension.org] or Jerry Thomas [jthomas@extension.org].