What’s the Buzz around Unmanned Aerial Systems?


Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are being used in agriculture to monitor crop related issues, monitor orchards, create digital imagery of fields, mapping, remote sensing of waterways and lakes, monitoring of forest, and observation of pasture and rangelands.

Research on the performance characteristics of the vehicles themselves and the sensor arrays are being conducted by several Land Grant faculty across the country. Be a part of this exciting field by joining the eXtension Unmanned Aerial Systems user community. The UAS user community plans on meeting quarterly to share research being done, or planned, how UAS are evolving, and how they are being used in the Agriculture industry. The user community is currently building a communication and capacity strategy to move forward and has as a goal to have interaction with FAA on developing guidelines and regulation for use of UASs in Agriculture. We invite you to join and share your expertise.

For more information on the Unmanned Areal Systems contact Craig Wood [craig.wood@extension.org].