eXtension Fellows Report on Progress

For the first time in eXtension history five individuals have held eXtension Fellowships concurrently. Michele Walfred, University of Delaware; Sue Hawkins, University of Vermont; Terrence Wolfork, Fort Valley State University, Billie Jean Elmer, Virginia Tech; and Travis Sondgerath, Colorado State University/Purdue University are the 2014 eXtension Fellows.


Each eXtension Fellow reported on his/her fellowship project at a meeting in Atlanta in early December. The projects were to focus on State and Local Value Enhancement this year. Projects included social media strategies, connecting eXtension with county and regional staff, connecting communities of practice with county educators, broadening the reach of eXtension within the 1890 institutions, and relating community of practice content with new users. Fellows updated each other on their status and shared their “next steps,” where they will share their findings and report to Cooperative Extension.

Terry Meisenbach and Jerry Thomas, advisers to the 2014 Fellowship program and Anne Adrian, eXtension associate directors, participated in the meeting with the Fellows.