Holiday Greetings!


2014 has been a most interesting year. eXtension as we have known it is undergoing major changes. As you will read later in this newsletter, the Extension Directors and Administrators nearly unanimously decided to stop the eXtension assessments that had been in place since 2004. They also nearly unanimously adopted the proposed member-based model. This week the membership poll was completed and we had a 96% response to the poll. About 80% of the Extension Directors/Administrators decided they would be members of the new eXtension. In 2015, 58 institutions will be members: 38 at the premium level and 20 at the basic level.

So we will begin 2015 with a new model and a vision that includes more innovation and more professional development for our Extension colleagues as they work to adopt new or emerging technologies in the development and delivery of extension educational programs. I want to thank all of you for the support you have given me and the eXtension staff over this past year and special thanks for your dedication and loyalty to eXtension. I especially want to thank the eXtension staff for their contributions to helping with the development and creation of the new model.

I am also announcing that I have agreed to extend my time leading eXtension to April 30 to help with a transition to a new Chief Executive Officer. During this holiday season I will be spending some quality time with family and friends and I encourage you do the same. Above all, take time for you.

Enjoy the Christmas Season!

Elbert Dickey, Executive Director, eXtension