Campus (Moodle) in the ‘New’ eXtension


The beginning of the “new” eXtension brings with it two major changes to the use of eXtension’s Moodle site, One change is that only faculty from eXtension premium member institutions may teach courses on this site. Fortunately, more than 90% of the courses on Campus were already being taught by faculty from institutions that became premium members. We are currently working individually with Campus teachers from non-premium member institutions to identify alternatives for their courses, a process expected to be complete by June 1, 2015.

The second major change is one that should be good news to any premium member institution wishing to charge fees for their courses. Effective January 1, 2015, the eXtension overhead charge for anyone using eXtension’s Paypal online payment system has dropped to 5% net of credit card and transaction fees. This is a significant reduction from the 25% of gross fees that had been implemented in the past. This reduction only applies to fee-based Moodle Courses. Along with this reduction in indirect costs, steps have been taken to streamline the process of transferring those funds to teachers’ home institutions. Details, along with a request form, are included at

Finally, a little fun Campus trivia as we begin this year.
587 total courses; 332 open for enrollment
32,825 active login accounts
53,464 test questions
52,713 certificates issued
4,193 resource objects
1,690 Paypal registrations
359 course teachers
170 serving other roles

As always, if you have questions about Campus, please direct them to