Learning Opportunities in January and February!

It’s a New Year with new topics and emerging areas of interest for extension professionals, our volunteers and clientele. Please review the learning opportunities listed here and check Learn.extension.org as well to see what may be helpful and/or of interest to you. Share this and other events in Learn with anyone who may be interested. Join these Learning Opportunities in which you can participate online from your home or office.


All Bugs Good and Bad Webinar Series
February 6, 2015, 2015 Pesticide Strategy – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
March 6, 2015, 2015 Fire Ant Management Using Baits
March 4, 2015, Work/Life Balance
Childhood Obesity
March 5, 2015, Childhood Obesity Indicators: Capturing the National Impact of Extension
Citizen Science and Plant Health
February 18, 2015, Low cost plant and soil health measurements using PhotosynQ
Community & Regional Foods
January 27, 2015, Developing Local and Regional Food Systems in Nebraska
Dairy Cattle
January 14, 2015, Troubleshooting Design-Based Cow Comfort Issues
February 26, 2015, Formulating Diets for Groups of Lactating Cows
March 24, 2015, Proper Dry-Off Procedures to Prevent New Infections and Cure Existing Cases of Mastitis
January 9, 2015, From Hobby to Entrepreneur – Taking the Leap!!
January 20, 2015, Question Wranglers’ Meetup – January 2015
Geographic Information Systems
January 14, 2015, Tell a photo based story based map in a snap!
February 19, 2015, Sight beyond sight: the power of near-infrared imagery for mapping
March 10, 2015, Making the Most of Esri Image Services with ArcGIS for Desktop
Healthy Food Choices in Schools
January 20, 2015, The Smarter Lunchrooms Scorecard: LunchScore
January 16, 2015, Mobile Manure Apps
Military Families
January 14, 2015, Part II Medicaid and Military Families: Children with Special Needs
February 18, 2015, Part III Medicaid and Military Families: Adults with Special Needs
March 5, 2015, Latino Military Families: Current Issues & Implications for Clinical Work
January 15, 2015, Piketty’s Capital & Inequality of Income and Wealth
January 13, 2015, Systems Organic Management Suppresses Cabbageworm Outbreaks: Evidence from 4 Long-term Organic Farms
January 20, 2015, Rotational No-Till, Mulching and Conservation Tillage for Organic Vegetable Farms Webinar
January 22, 2015, Managing Bad Stink Bugs Using Good Stink Bugs
January 27, 2015, Heritage and Ancient Wheat: Varietal Performance and Management Webinar
February 10, 2015, Building Pest-Suppressive Organic Farms: Tools and Ecological Strategies Used by Five Long-Term Organic Farms to Suppress Insects
February 17, 2015, Blasting the Competition Away: Air-propelled Abrasive Grits for Weed Management in Organic Grain and Vegetable Crops
March 10, 2015, Promoting Native Bee Pollinators in Organic Farming Systems
Personal Finance
January 13, 2015, Developing a Personal Asset Allocation Strategy
February 3, 2015, Calculating What to Save for Retirement
February 12, 2015, Domestic Violence: Helping Survivors Obtain Economic Freedom
March 17, 2015, Investing With Small Dollar Amounts
PIE Center
January 28, 2015, Public opinion of genetically modified food
February 25, 2015, Public opinion of landscape water use
Small & Backyard Flocks
January 14, 2015, Quality of eggs from different production systems
January 20, 2015, Health concerns with backyard poultry flocks
February 3, 2015, Health problems with the respiratory system of poultry
February 9, 2015, Housing for small poultry flocks
February 11, 2015, Health concerns for egg layers
March 3, 2015, Health problems with the poultry skeletal system
March 11, 2015, Managing egg laying flocks
Women in Ag
January 14, 2015, Developing a Farm Strategy
January 17, 2015, National Farmers Union Women’s Conference January 17-21, 2015
January 20, 2015, Marketing Your Products – Turning Samples into Sales
January 21, 2015, MidAtlantic Annie’s Project Classes
January 29, 2015, Adverse Possession Webinar
February 12, 2015, MidAtlantic Women in Agriculture Regional Conference
January 13, 2015, Moving Up the Ladder of Youth Engagement
January 29, 2015, How to Develop Educational Farm Tour Programs Like Breakfast On The Farm

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