User Communities, Networks Seeking New Members

eXtension has many user communities that are always welcoming new members. These communities are not formal learning networks or communities of practice at this point but they are extremely active with idea exchange, online discussions, planning of face-to-face conferences, and presentations to national meetings and agencies.

Joining one of these groups is easy, just follow the links provided and you’ll be added to the email group for each community.


You can join the Big Data community by going to or contact Jerry Thomas (


You can join the Unmanned Aerial Systems community by going to or contact Craig Wood (


You can join the Wearable Technology community at or contact Craig Wood (

Thynka Little uses Oculus Rift.
Thynka Little uses Oculus Rift.

You can join the eXtension Virtual 3D community by going to or contact LuAnn Phillips (


The newly formed Educational Technology Learning Network is also welcoming new members and can be joined at or contact Jamie Seger (

Again, these communities and networks welcome your input and contributions to the discussions and activities they are leading. Learn, share, create, innovate and collaborate!!!