eXtension Changes Status of Some Communities of Practice

Thirteen eXtension Communities of Practice have been moved to the status of User-generated communities. User-generated communities will still be able to use Create (create.extension.org) and other applications provided by eXtension. The existing content of the communities will remain and will not be deleted. However, the community will not be listed on the current home page of www.extension.org.

The Communities moving to user-generated status are:

Brand Value
Corn and Soybeans
Hogs Pigs, and Pork
Pesticide Environmental Stewardship
Precision Agriculture
Program Evaluation
Public Deliberation
Teen Leadership

“The new eXtension envisions learning environments that engage users with up-to-date science-based information, education via their preferred network communities. After careful evaluation of all our CoPs, we determined that these 13 communities would best serve CES at this time as user-based entities,” said Craig Wood, associate eXtension director.