Learning Opportunities Abound!

2015 has begun with some very interesting and useful learning opportunities by extension! Here I’ve included upcoming ones on various topics as well as recent learning events in January and early February which have a recording available. New events have recently been added to Learn.extension.org so check there as more related events are included. These learning events are open to all who are interested… check each event listing to see if there is registration needed before the event. Share with your colleagues, clientele, etc. since participation is online from a home, office, etc.

Popular Upcoming Learning Events
February 15, Labor Pool vs Talent Pool: Gathering Industrial Skill Requirements in Rural Areas, at Learn.extension.org/events/1717
February 17, Machinery Sharing: Scaling Up Production for Small-Farm Growers, at Learn.extension.org/events/1700
February 17, Blasting the Competition Away: Air-propelled Abrasive Grits for Weed Management in Organic Grain and Vegetable Crops, at Learn.extension.org/events/1887
February 18, Part III Medicaid and Military Families: Adults with Special Needs, at Learn.extension.org/events/1722
February 18, Mobile Slaughter Units (MSUs): An International Perspective, at Learn.extension.org/events/1852
February 18, Low cost plant and soil health measurements using PhotosynQ, at Learn.extension.org/events/1895
February 18, Getting started with value-added agriculture, at Learn.extension.org/events/1883
February 19, Sight beyond sight: the power of near-infrared imagery for mapping, at Learn.extension.org/events/1999
February 19, Building a Public Health Partnership to Assist with your School Nutrition Program, at Learn.extension.org/events/1791
February 23, Getting started with farm food safety, at Learn.extension.org/events/1845
February 23, Malting barley and hops production in Michigan – Michigan State University Extension Field Crops Webinar Series 2015, at Learn.extension.org/events/1971
February 25, Migrant, Seasonal and H2-A Visa Workers Webinar, at Learn.extension.org/events/1860
February 25, Public opinion of landscape water use, at Learn.extension.org/events/1925
February 25, How to Facilitate Difficult Conversations, at Learn.extension.org/events/1940
March 3, Health problems with the poultry skeletal system, at Learn.extension.org/events/1924
March 4, Working to Balance Life, at Learn.extension.org/events/1993
March 5, Latino Military Families: Current Issues & Implications for Clinical Work, at Learn.extension.org/events/1951
March 5, Childhood Obesity Indicators: Capturing the National Impact of Extension, at Learn.extension.org/events/1773
March 6, 2015 All Bugs Good and Bad Webinar Series: Fire Ant Management Using Baits, at Learn.extension.org/events/1939
March 17, Investing With Small Dollar Amounts, at Learn.extension.org/events/1969

Recent events with Recordings
Health problems with the digestive system of poultry, at Learn.extension.org/events/1789
Innovation/Institutional Team Web Conference – January 2015, at Learn.extension.org/events/1894
Building the Capacity of Small Meat Processors: Successes and Lessons from North Carolina, at Learn.extension.org/events/1874
January 2015 CoP meeting for small and backyard flocks, at Learn.extension.org/events/1892
Developing a Personal Asset Allocation Strategy, at Learn.extension.org/events/1715
Systems Organic Management Suppresses Cabbageworm Outbreaks: Evidence from 4 Long-term Organic Farms, at Learn.extension.org/events/1844
Quality of eggs from different production systems, at Learn.extension.org/events/1750
Part II Medicaid and Military Families: Children with Special Needs, at Learn.extension.org/events/1699
Troubleshooting Design-Based Cow Comfort Issues, at Learn.extension.org/events/1898
Unmanned Aerial Systems for Mapping, at Learn.extension.org/events/2007
Mobile Manure Apps, at Learn.extension.org/events/1893
Marketing Your Products – Turning Samples into Sales, at Learn.extension.org/events/1862
Rotational No-Till, Mulching and Conservation Tillage for Organic Vegetable Farms Webinar, at Learn.extension.org/events/1827
The Smarter Lunchrooms Scorecard App: LunchScore, at Learn.extension.org/events/1903
Health concerns with backyard poultry flocks, at Learn.extension.org/events/1703
Managing Bad Stink Bugs Using Good Stink Bugs, at Learn.extension.org/events/1779
Interdependence: The 9th Critical Element of Positive Youth Development, at Learn.extension.org/events/1909
Using New 4-H Career Exploration Curriculum: Build Your Future, at Learn.extension.org/events/1910
The New Faces of 4-H Volunteers: Changing and Retaining, at Learn.extension.org/events/1911
4-H Teens as Mentors: Developing Positive Role Models for Youth, at Learn.extension.org/events/1912
Land Grant Impacts Database Informational Webinar, at Learn.extension.org/events/1948
4-H Healthy Club Challenge, at Learn.extension.org/events/1913
10 Free Online Tools to Create 4-H Learning Activities, at Learn.extension.org/events/1914
Growing Conifers for Homeowners Using IPM, at Learn.extension.org/events/1946
Developing, Implementing & Sustaining Healthy Food Incentive Programs at Farmers’ Markets, at Learn.extension.org/events/1956
Community-Level Indicators for Positive Youth Development: Identification and Collection within Existing Data Sets, at Learn.extension.org/events/1915
Enlivening Biosecurity and Quality Assurance Training, at Learn.extension.org/events/1916
Evaluating Disaster Insurance Needs for Rural Homes & Agriculture, at Learn.extension.org/events/1917
Calculating What to Save for Retirement, at Learn.extension.org/events/1716
Growing Apples for Homeowners Using IPM, at Learn.extension.org/events/1947
Health problems with the respiratory system of poultry, at Learn.extension.org/events/1790
Introducing the Smarter Lunchrooms Technical Assistance Providers’ Handbook, at Learn.extension.org/events/1957
2015 All Bugs Good and Bad Webinar Series: Pesticide Strategy – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, at Learn.extension.org/events/1864
Housing for small poultry flocks, at Learn.extension.org/events/1719
Handling Manure with Gypsum Bedding, at Learn.extension.org/events/1998
Communication Killers, at Learn.extension.org/events/2002
Avian influenza and backyard flocks, at Learn.extension.org/events/1996
Biosecurity in backyard flocks, at Learn.extension.org/events/1995
Health concerns for egg layers, at Learn.extension.org/events/1751

Go to Learn (learn.extension.org) to see more sessions in 2015, and to add learning opportunities being offered by you or your institution so you may include more for participation and learning!

Questions and Comments? Contact Beth Raney at beth.raney@extension.org. If you have web-based events for which you would like more participation, please add them at Learn.extension.org for others to join in!