eXtension Seeks Chief Executive Officer

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The eXtension Foundation Board of Directors is seeking an exceptional entrepreneurial leader from educational institutions, government agencies or business and industry to set the pace and structure for a thriving 21st century organization invested in ensuring the Cooperative Extension System has a broad range of engaged learners.
Position Description:

Position Title: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Type: Full-time
Function: Executive leader and manager
Reports To: eXtension Foundation Board of Directors
Salary Range: Commensurate with experience

The eXtension Foundation is a member-based, non-profit 501(c) 3, designed to support Cooperative Extension and its strategic partners. The primary purpose of the eXtension Foundation is to generate value for its members and partners through the creation of innovative and effective Extension educational solutions. www.extension.org and extension.org provides more information on eXtension.

The eXtension Foundation is a virtual space where change is invigorating and people are enthusiastic about opportunities to create and contribute. The eXtension Foundation works with Cooperative Extension to support learning that fosters growth, leadership, competencies, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Cooperative Extension is a nationwide network available to all from land-grant universities and colleges across the U.S. and its territories.

Position Overview: The eXtension Foundation Board of Directors is seeking an exceptional entrepreneurial leader from educational institutions, government agencies or business and industry. The CEO will set the pace and structure for a thriving 21st century organization invested in ensuring the Cooperative Extension system has a broad range of engaged learners. Because the eXtension Foundation concentrates on innovation to enhance Extension Education, the CEO works closely with the Board of Directors to set a vision and align systems to accomplish its goals.

To be successful, the CEO must understand the Cooperative Extension System, how it functions within the land-grant system, and how it works with the US Department of Agriculture-National Institute of Food and Agriculture. The candidate should have expertise in online learning, educational design, information technology and resource development.

As a hub for Extension innovation, the eXtension Foundation Board of Directors and the CEO implement strategies to achieve goals set by Cooperative Extension. The CEO will need to stay current on new and emerging technologies and professional development that are applicable to Extension education. The CEO will communicate to, set direction for, and motivate action among eXtension faculty and staff.

The CEO, Chief Operations Officer (COO), and the Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) make up the eXtension Foundation Executive Team. The COO and CIO report to the CEO. The team operates with a unified purpose and meets ambitious performance goals. Skills of the Executive Team members will complement each other and at times be interchangeable. The CEO will establish decision making protocol and high quality work standards. The CEO will help select the CIO and COO who report to the CEO.

–Minimum of a master’s degree or equivalent experience
–5+ years documented experience leading innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, and/or generating profits and value
–5+ years demonstrated ability leading change and forward thinking entity
–Evidence of successfully implementing a new business model
–Proven ability to direct a financially sustainable organization having multiple funding streams
—-Start-up experiences a plus, but not required
–Evidence of client- or customer-driven results
–Knowledge and experience in management and administration
–History of integrity and behavior that develops people, builds teams, and facilitates collaborative enterprises
–Ability to influence and enable others while managing continuity, change, and growth

The CEO is responsible for:
–Creating understanding, participation, entrepreneurship, and execution of the vision for innovation among the Foundation members;
–Presenting a common vision of the eXtension Foundation and Extension’s innovations, successes, and opportunities;
–Attracting, recruiting and retaining member institutions and strategic partners;
–Providing effective leadership that rewards and reinforces behaviors that lead to innovation;
–Leading with a proactive and performance orientation for cultivating an environment where people are enthusiastic about the opportunities to contribute;
–Building interdependent (self-directed) teams and relationships across the Cooperative Extension System and with strategic partners to achieve a high level of cooperation.
–Enhancing resource development to help ensure long term financial stability.

–Assure filing of all legal and regulatory documents and monitor compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
–Work closely with the Board of Directors to determine direction, monitor development and sustainability, communicate with members and partners, and establish priorities.
—Provide general oversight of eXtension Foundation activities and work closely with the Executive Team to keep pace with change and demands.
–With Executive Team, assure program quality and organizational stability is maintained through standards and controls, systems and procedures, and regular review.

–Assist the Board of Directors to articulate its role and areas of accountability.
–Strategize with the Board of Directors to identify, recruit, and engage partners.
–With the Board of Directors, develop an evaluation strategy that shows members the value of the eXtension Foundation.

–Advocate for programs and services that are produced in a cost-effective manner, employing economy while maintaining a high level of quality.
–Oversee fiscal activities and provide leadership in resource development.
–Assure effective revenue development that is aligned with existing and emerging needs.
–Reach out to people in academia and industry to create shared cost partnerships.
–Provide strategic oversight of community relations

Program Development
–Generate a high level of member engagement.
–Listen to members, partners and investors to identify and/or improve services.
–Along with the eXtension Board of Directors, serve as a spokesperson for the eXtension Foundation.
–Facilitate current and emerging program development priorities with the Board of Directors, Executive Team, members, partners and audiences.

Closing date for the position is 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, Monday, March 16, 2015 or until a suitable candidate is found.

To apply for this position, please submit the following information to Michelle Giddens, Assistant to the Director, at michellegiddens@extension.org.
–Cover Letter
–Curriculum Vitae or Resume, including salary history
–Three professional references, including email and phone number contact

Direct questions to Dennis Calvin, dcalvin@psu.edu Chair, eXtension Governing Committee and Elbert Dickey, edickey@extension.org Executive Director, eXtension Foundation.