eXtension Seeks Innovative Project Proposals


Request for Proposal: Innovation Projects
eXtension Foundation, Inc.
Release Date: March 3, 2015
Due Date for Applications: 5 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time, Friday, April 17, 2015

The eXtension Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)3 not for profit foundation, is soliciting proposals for projects and programs from faculty at premium member institutions of eXtension that express innovation and creativity. These proposals should demonstrate futuristic thinking, ideation, and offer sparks of opportunity to multiply innovation for the Cooperative Extension System, the land-grant university system, and the citizens of the United States and ultimately the world.

Innovation is applied creativity: Using creativity and applying it to finding new ways to work and engage with clientele. This can include new uses of technology, new ways of organizing work, different ways of delivering program content, and experimenting with new tools and resources.

Examples include:
–Using wearable technologies
–Online teaching
–Online collaboration
–Maker projects (including 3D printing, electronics, etc.)
–Citizen science
–Big data uses and partnering
–Reaching millennial audiences
–Internet of things (IoT) projects

We consider funding projects that:
–Propose new ways of working within Cooperative Extension
–Expand the scope of Extension
–Reach new audiences using creative, innovative engagement tools
–Identify and test new technology tools and their impact in Extension education
–Identify and create strategies for new engagement and working methods
–Create new sources of funding

We give priority to projects that:
–Are new, surprising, and radically useful
–Reflect innovation as broadly defined
–Promote multi-disciplinary, multi-state, and multi-institution collaboration
–Consider the international implications of innovation
–Serve as models for a land grant university system-wide application

The Grant Application Process

Request for Proposals

The eXtension Foundation invites proposals, under an annual competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) process, and awards grants to strengthen the capacity of the land grant university system.

Eligible Requests
We support projects directly benefiting the Cooperative Extension System.

Applicant organizations must meet the following criteria:
–Must be a premium member of eXtension
–Must demonstrate administrative support
–Identify strong leaders and collaborators
–Have a proven track record of multidisciplinary, multi-institutional, and multi-state engagement

The Proposal Review Process

Application Procedures
Submit an application containing all of the items specified below.

Application Contents
–Letter of support, signed by Director/Administrator
–Executive Summary (limit of 200 characters)
–Narrative (no more than five pages) that includes:
—-Project Budget and Budget Narrative
—-Statement of Work
–Brief statement of how this project will change or influence current and future CES programming
–Goals and objectives
–Target population
–Project activities
–Key staff
–Plan for measuring project impacts
–Plan for sustainability after the funding period

Appendices (Attachments)
–Key Personnel Curriculum Vitaes limited to two pages per person
–Consultant/subcontractor commitment letters (if applicable)
Contract Information Sheet (click on the link and complete the form).

Successful proposals will be required to:
–Provide quarterly and final reports, including financial report
–Work with the eXtension Foundation Evaluation Consultants
–Present progress and results at the NeXC2016 Conference
–Share methods, the model, and implementation broadly with the Cooperative Extension System.

Policy of the eXtension Foundation on F&A (Indirect Costs)
eXtension Foundation works to support the education goals and objectives of the Cooperative Extension System. Any funding it receives from outside providers may only be used to support the educational goals and objectives of the eXtension Foundation. Therefore, no portion of the funding the eXtension Foundation may award to member institutions and/or partners may be used to pay F&A (indirect costs). Approved by the eXtension Board of Directors, July 12, 2007.

Submit proposals electronically to: Michelle Giddens, michellegiddens@extension.org

Submit questions about the proposal to Terry Meisenbach, tmeisenbach@extension.org or Jerry Thomas, jthomas@extension.org