eXtension Seeks Proposals for Web Conferencing System

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The eXtension Foundation is seeking a premium member to provide a comprehensive and complete, reliable, versatile, and flexible web conferencing platform, facilitation (hosting) with solutions and support for web meetings and video conferencing, mobile webinars and virtual meetings, with integration of social media. The eXtension Foundation will use the web conferencing system to conduct virtual meetings and programs. The institution that supports and hosts the web conferencing system will be referred to as the Web Conferencing Provider.

Required attributes of the web conferencing system:

–support multiple browsers requiring only a meeting URL to enter the conference.
–recording of the webinar and video files that can be easily streamed and/or uploaded to social media channels such as YouTube and Vimeo.
–public and private chat for participants and presenters within the web conference.
–screen and application sharing, allowing participants the ability to view documents, Web sites and tools that presenters have on their computers.
–ability for participants to speak to webinar presenters and participants.
–video integration so attendees can view each other and the presenter.
–file transfer/document sharing.
–multiple presenters (at different locations and connections).
–capacity for more than 500 participants in a webinar.

Web Conferencing Provider should be able to provide:

–Recordings and playback for archived recorded webinars.
–Self-Managed Accounts which can be managed by an eXtension staff member or partner who can create rooms, host meetings and provide first level support to participants. The Web Conferencing Provider will provide second level technical support to the account manager.
–Room ownership for frequent presenters or teams. A room owner can open the room, upload materials and prepare the room for the meeting. A room owner can assist presenters and others. Meetings that are managed by room owners will use (Voice over IP) VoIP. For most events, room owners will work with presenters and ensure presentations are uploaded and polls are created.
–Facilitated meetings using VoIP. The Web Conferencing Provider will ensure the presentation materials are available and assist presenters.
–Support to communities, teams, and members on initiating, facilitating, and managing their own rooms. This support includes training and online instructions and help desk support for the web conferencing system.
–Training and guidelines on how to conduct effective web conferencing.
–Work with the eXtension Foundation evaluation consultants.

Preferred attributes of web conferencing system
–Combination of VoIP and integrated phone conferencing.
–Polls and surveys available during conferencing to solicit engagement and feedback.
–Integrated services for live streaming and social media.
–Optional webinar registration.

Proposals should address/include
–Describe the system that meets the above attributes.
–Establish price model(s) for the proposed service(s). The price model may include tiered information. For instance, host accounts may be price per account or the price model may include per use costs.
–Describe responsibilities of the Web Conferencing Provider and eXtension Foundation.
–Describe limitations of the systems, such as limits on number of rooms, self-managed accounts, and participants.
–Describe the attributes of the system.
–Letters of referral from 3 departments or outside vendors with similar contracts.

Application Contents
Your application must have narrative that includes:
–Bid for service
–Descriptions of services and tiered costs
–Project Budget and Budget Narrative which includes optional costs

Proposals are due by 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time March 27, 2015. Submit proposals by email only to Michelle Giddens michellegiddens@extension.org as a PDF document.

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Address questions to both eXtension Associate Directors–Anne Adrian, aadrian@extension.org and Craig Wood woodch@extension.org