eXtension Foundation Board of Directors Elects Officers


Dennis Calvin, (Northeast region/Penn State), will chair the Board and Vernon Jones (1890 region/Langston University) will serve as Vice Chair and Treasurer of the eXtension Foundation Board of Directors. Fred Schlutt (Western region/University of Alaska) is Secretary for the Board. Other Board members include Jason Henderson (North Central region/Purdue), and Doug Steele (Southern region/Texas Agri-Life Extension). Non-voting, ex officio members of the Board are Jane Clary Loveless, USDA-NIFA National Program Leader and Jane Schuchardt, ECOP Executive Director.

The Board is working to refine bylaws and operating documents, a membership handbook for both premium and basic eXtension members as well as working to hire personnel for the eXtension Foundation including the Chief Executive Officer.