eXtension Launches Agriculture, Forestry, & Climate Science Learning Network

Ag Forestry Climate 2

The Agriculture, Forestry and Climate Science Learning Network (CS-LN) is one of the newest communities to be created under the new eXtension model adopted by the Cooperative Extension System. Two key features of this new model include focusing more directly on professional development and aggressively pursuing innovative opportunities. The CS-LN is a joint effort by the eXtension Foundation, the Southern Regional Extension Forestry Office, and the Office of the Chief Economist, USDA.

The CS-LN will work to enhance the outreach and impacts of the USDA Climate Hubs and Land Grant Universities through professional development and innovative opportunities using the Cooperative Extension System’s delivery infrastructure including:

• Interviewing USDA Regional Climate Hub Directors and authoring a white-paper of the results.
• Inventorying current climate change resources available through Cooperative Extension and its partner organizations. This inventory will be made available on eXtension.org.
• Developing a database of agriculture and forestry professionals for the Northeast and Southeast USDA Climate Hubs.
• Surveying these professionals to determine their climate perceptions and educational needs.
• Developing and delivering pilot educational modules for Southeast and Northeast Extension and Climate Hub clients. It is anticipated that this program will expand to include all the Regional Climate Hubs.

For more information on the Learning Network contact William Hubbard at whubbard@uga.edu.