We Need YOU!!! Take the Wearable Tech Survey


Are you using wearable technology? Do you want to? eXtension would like you to share your interests and uses by taking a short CES Wearable Technology Interest Survey and joining the Wearable Technology user group.

Wearable technology is becoming increasingly popular in today’s society and by 2018 global mobile data traffic from wearable devices is expected to increase nearly twelve fold from 15 to 175 petabytes per month according to statista and will be a 12.6 million dollar industry by then as well. Already Cooperative Extension educators are exploring wearables that track fitness & health, provide security, create efficiencies through smart watches and in-sight glassware and cameras. Researchers in our system are engineering devices for animal agriculture and looking for ways to connect to Cooperative Extension educators for testing and deployment.

To date, a small group of educators and engineers have started conversations around wearables, sharing their experiences and tests in the field. This Wearable Technology group has been established by eXtension and is striving to reach out to other educators and researchers who are interested in these topics. eXtension invites all individuals to join the Wearable Technology user group in People. The Wearable Technology group would like to know how you are using and experimenting with wearable technology by completely a short CES Wearable Technology Interest Survey.

Taking the survey and joining the user group in People will help connect you to others in the system to explore new possibilities, share ideas, resources and stimulate collaboration. Learn more by joining the Human Augmentation and Wearables Google+ Community Page too.