Educational Technology Learning Network Wraps Successful Year

The Educational Technology Learning Network (#EdTechLN) is close to wrapping up its first year! Since the creation of the blog in October, 2014, more than 50 posts have been published to the blog by 12 authors in 10 states. Visitors to the site have viewed more than 6,000 total pages and have come from every state except South Dakota!

Forty-eight contributors from 32 different states have participated in the twice-monthly #EdTechLN TweetUps. The average “TweetReach” from each TweetUp is 25,706 overall impressions. The next #EdTechLN TweetUp will be May 21 and will wrap up a month-long focus on digital scholarship. Extension directors and those who serve on promotion and tenure committees in various states will be joining us to offer their insight. Participate by going and use your Twitter credentials.