Learning Opportunities – June and Beyond

More interesting and useful learning opportunities available from extension! Here I’ve included upcoming ones on various topics for which people have expressed interest by Following, as well as recent learning events in May for which a recording is available. Many other and newly added events are also listed Learn.extension.org so check there for a more complete set of offerings. These learning events are open to all who are interested… check each event listing to see if there is registration needed before the event. Share with your colleagues, clientele, etc. since participation is online from a home, office, etc.

Upcoming Learning Events
All Bugs Good and Bad Series
June 5 2015 All Bugs Good and Bad Webinar Series: Insect-borne Diseases Affecting People, at Learn.extension.org/events/1848. Includes links to related materials.
August 7 2015 All Bugs Good and Bad Webinar Series: Management of Japanese Beetles and Other White Grubs, at Learn.extension.org/events/1847. Includes links to related materials.

Climate, Forest & Woodlands
June 10 Are conservation organizations configured for effective adaptation to global change?, at Learn.extension.org/events/2110

June 18 Building Community Relationships, at Learn.extension.org/events/2112

June 26 Ready Community: Vulnerability and Resilience, at Learn.extension.org/events/1975
July 31 Livestock First Aid and Safety, at Learn.extension.org/events/1976
August 21 Exploring Sea Grant’s Coastal Resilience Toolkit, at Learn.extension.org/events/1978

Emerging Technologies
June 23 Take Aways – Conference Recap: Emerging Technologies Conference for Online Learning 2015, at Learn.extension.org/events/2115

Estate Planning
June 9 Family Farm Transition Webinar, at Learn.extension.org/events/2127

June 16 Question Wranglers’ Meetup – June 2015, at Learn.extension.org/events/2088. Includes links to related materials.
July 14 Question Wranglers’ Meetup – July 2015, at Learn.extension.org/events/2089. Includes links to related materials.

June 15 Perspectives of a Program Leader, at Learn.extension.org/events/2123. Includes links to related materials.

Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Center (LPELC)
June 19 Horse Manure Composting: Specific Steps to Start or Improve the Process, at Learn.extension.org/events/2124

Military Families
June 10 The Value of Respite for Family Caregivers , at Learn.extension.org/events/2090
June 18 Social Emotional Development in the Early Years: Understanding Social Emotional Development Learn.extension.org/events/2085. Includes links to related materials.
June 24 Building Resiliency During Change – Finding Courage Within, at Learn.extension.org/events/2107
July 22 Hypertension Update: Nutritional Guidelines and Strategies, at Learn.extension.org/events/2122
August 13 Social Emotional Development in the Early Years: Promoting Positive Relationships, at Learn.extension.org/events/2097
August 19 Empowering Those We Help: Building Trust and Credibility , at Learn.extension.org/events/2125

June 25 Social Media Use, at Learn.extension.org/events/2101. Includes links to related materials.
July 23 Videography in Extension, at Learn.extension.org/events/2102. Includes links to related materials.
August 27 Journal of Human Sciences & Extension Special Edition: Program Development, at Learn.extension.org/events/2103. Includes links to related materials.

Personal Finance
June 4 Financial Coaching, at Learn.extension.org/events/2012. Includes links to related materials.
July 28 Predatory Lending Practices & How to Avoid Them, at Learn.extension.org/events/2113

Public Value
June 9 Basics for Helping Organizations Identify and Promote Their Public (and Private) Value, at Learn.extension.org/events/2022

Small and Backyard Flocks
June 12 Alternatives to antibiotics in poultry production, at Learn.extension.org/events/2034. Includes links to related materials.
June 26 Update on HPAI Mixed Origin Virus, at Learn.extension.org/events/2131
August 31 Meat quality issues with small and backyard poultry flocks, at Learn.extension.org/events/2092. Includes links to related materials.

Student Engagement
July 8 Engaging Students in Wicked Problems: Strategies for inspiring and preparing students to tackle messy, place-based challenges, at Learn.extension.org/events/2129

Unmanned Aerial Systems
June 23 Small Unmanned Aerial Systems in Agriculture: Preparing for Legal Issues, at Learn.extension.org/events/2132

Water Efficiency
June 17 WaterSense and LEED Housing Programs, at Learn.extension.org/events/2084

Women in Ag
June 10 Linkedin Webinar, at Learn.extension.org/events/1986
June 24 Social Media Privacy Webinar, at Learn.extension.org/events/1987
August 26 Newsletters Webinar, at Learn.extension.org/events/2026
July 8 Analytics Webinar, at Learn.extension.org/events/2024
July 22 Enterprise Budgeting Webinar, at Learn.extension.org/events/2027
August 12 Editorial Calendars Webinar, at Learn.extension.org/events/2025

Recent events with Recordings
2015 All Bugs Good and Bad
May 1 2015 All Bugs Good and Bad Webinar Series: Beneficial Garden Helpers, Recording and materials available at Learn.extension.org/events/1854

Animal Manure Management
May 22 Micro Manure Management, Recording available at Learn.extension.org/events/2118

May 19 Automated Calf Feeders on US farms: How do They Work?, Recording available at Learn.extension.org/events/2023

May 29 Colorado 2014 Vesicular Stomatitis Outbreak and Response, Recording available at Learn.extension.org/events/1974

eXtension Moodle
May 6 Moodle Meet-Up: What’s New w/Moodle 2.7, Recording available at Learn.extension.org/events/2105

Farm Safety and Health
May 19 Virtual Reality, A New Kind of Experiential Learning for Ag Safety, Recording available at Learn.extension.org/events/2070

May 18 Getting Started with Story Maps, Recording available at Learn.extension.org/events/1876
June 3 Selecting, Downloading, Displaying, and Understanding Landsat Imagery, Recording available at Learn.extension.org/events/1871

Healthy Food Choices in Schools
May 27 Make the “Best of Fresh” with Farm to School, Recording and materials available at Learn.extension.org/events/2119

May 19 Tips for Staying Safe on the Roads and Trails While Riding Your Horse, Recording available at Learn.extension.org/events/2074

Maryland FarmLink
May 4 Landlord-Tenant Communication and Agricultural Mediation, Recording available at Learn.extension.org/events/2094
May 11 Understanding Maryland FarmLink, General Leasing Issues, and Setting a FairRent, Recording available at Learn.extension.org/events/2095

Military Families
May 12 Promoting Knowledge Gain & Behavior Change Through Effective Education, Recording and materials available at Learn.extension.org/events/2040
June 2 Motivating Clients to Develop Positive Financial Behaviors, Recording and materials available at Learn.extension.org/events/2011

Plant Breeding
May 6 Plant Breeding Approaches and Technologies for Challenges in Agriculture: A view from a Texas Maize Breeding Program, Recording available at Learn.extension.org/events/2056
May 13 Soybeans: Way More Than Just Nice Yellow Seeds, Recording available at Learn.extension.org/events/2057

Small and Backyard Flocks
May 4 Getting prepared for pullets for a 4-H egg enterprise, Recording available at Learn.extension.org/events/2033

Women in Ag
May 19 Ag Safety for Women, Recording and materials available at Learn.extension.org/events/2116

Go to Learn (Learn.extension.org) to see more sessions, and to add learning opportunities being offered by you or your institution so you may include more for participation and learning!

Questions and Comments? Contact Beth Raney at beth.raney@extension.org. If you have web-based events for which you would like more participation, please add them at Learn.extension.org for others to join in!