eXtension’s Community Innovation Quest


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eXtension is seeking innovators within Cooperative Extension and the land grant university system!

What are CES educators, program assistants, specialists, support staff doing that is innovative?  How are their programs or projects making a difference?  We’re looking for local innovators, folks with ‘boots on the ground’ ideas that can be moved to the next level and shared more broadly.

We will work with the director/administrator, innovation team, program leaders, and others to identify innovators.  We’ll come to them and learn first hand just what they’re doing.  We want to know the secrets, the inspirations, the planning (or lack of planning) that makes such innovation take place.

What’s innovative?

  • Something new, surprising, and radically useful!
  • Something creating new value.
  • Something that fills an untapped client need.
  • Something new and improved with marketable potential.
  • Something that ventures “away from familiar ground into uncharted territory.”
  • Something that reaches new audiences.
  • Something that uses new technology tools.
  • Something that uses existing products and services to reach new markets.

What’s next?  We want to tell the innovation story!  We want to take that local effort and tell peers, colleagues, and the public all about what’s happening in your communities.  Our visual storytelling will bring your innovator, the innovation, and your institution to the attention of your colleagues and fellow eXtension Foundation members across the country.  It won’t stop at your county office door, your regional office boundaries, your state borders…we want that innovation to go viral.

Help us make that happen!!!!

To recommend YOUR Community Innovation Quest to us by AUGUST 1, 2015, use this form:  http://goo.gl/forms/DvLS8rT1DT.  If you have questions about this process contact Terry Meisenbach (tmeisenbach@extension.org) or Jerry Thomas (jthomas@extension.org).