New Tag Clean-up Tool in Ask an Expert

Ask an Expert makes heavy use of descriptive expertise tags for organization and question routing. For example, we try to match a question tagged “gardening” and “peppers” to an expert or group with those same tags. Our library of tags has been built organically by experts adding tags in the flow as they see fit. Generally, this works well, but some messiness has accumulated over time. Until now there’s been no way to clean up subtle variations of tags or mistakenly added ones.

That changes with the release of a new tag editing feature. With this new tool, we can merge, re-name, delete and generally clean-up tags. Any authenticated person can edit or delete tags, and all changes are logged and displayed on the Tag Management page.

This tool will most often be used by clicking on any tag from the expert-side of Ask, which will lead to the tag editing page, but you can also browse the Tag Management page to see a list of long tags that (likely) need cleaning up.