Make an Impact! Be a part of the i-Three Rapid Solutions!

I want to invite you to come be part of eXtension’s new i-Three Strategy. You can be part of the 200-member i-Three Issue Corps , an i-Three Innovation Lab, or i-Three Rapid Solutions. The Rapid Solutions will be prototyping to deliver fast, effective results that address local issues. Our I-Three Strategy will focus on two broad issues of Climate and Food Systems. These are two issues that are important nationwide.

PondHow will i-Three Rapid Solutions work?

  • We will design and manage rapid solutions that address local, regional, or state issues facing individuals within their communities.

What are the end products?

  • Tools and services that can be applied across Cooperative Extension
  • Effective and engaging professional development sessions that illustrate how to use and implement the new tools and services emerging from the rapid solutions
  • Increased state capacity through technical and process integration with State Extension Systems

How will the i-Three Rapid Solutions happen?

  • From October 2015 – August 2016, eight to twelve Rapid Solutions will be developed based on local needs identified by the 200 i-Three Issue Corps members.
  • During January and February 2016 there will be virtual meetings to organize and begin initial planning of the Rapid Solutions. We will also develop a plan and implement a strategy of messaging and storytelling about the solutions.
  • The i-Three Event to be held March 22 – 25 in San Antonio, TX will contain a Design-A-thon workshop to complete the Rapid Solutions design phase for implementation following the event.
  • Rapid Solutions will be conducted from April through August of 2016.
  • A complete assessment of the Rapid Solutions process will occur in September 2016.
  • All Rapid Solutions results will be submitted for publication in a case study format to the Journal of Extension.
  • During the entire Rapid Solutions process a plan will be developed addressing how the process can be implemented for an additional 2000 i-Three Issue Corps members for 2017 and ultimately the entire Cooperative Extension System beyond 2017.
Blackberry Bushes
Blackberry Bushes as part of Food Systems

What do you need to do first?

You have to be part of the i-Three Issue Corps. You can nominate yourself, a team, or other individuals or teams you think would benefit from being part of the i-Three Corps. Go to to participate in the nomination process.