Welcome to Our New Site

terry's deskWelcome to eXtension’s new website. Far more than a facelift, it ushers in a whole new design. And this design represents a whole new philosophy. It reaches beyond the information services that were the focus of the former www.extension.org to offer you a continuous flow of blog posts that share news and views that advance eXtension’s new mission.

However, this doesn’t mean that the important services of our former www. extension.org landing page have gone away. The new site gives you quick, clear access to the tools we’ve always provided you. They are now located within our tool set.  For example, the articles that used to be front and center on our former landing page can now be found in our top-listed tool:   Find Resource Articles.

The prominent navigation bar on www.extension.org now offers some new choices.  These choices will keep you up to date on our new i-Three initiatives and the opportunities they offer all Extension professionals for growth, innovation, and career advancement.  (It also gives you a second way to access Resource Articles.) However if you look up to the right you will see a bar of “shortcuts” that will take you to all your favorite features for learning, sharing and serving the public.

Please use the “Reply” invitation at the bottom of this page to comment on how you like our new design.  Feel free to make suggestions.  We will be working on it for awhile to come, until it’s the best we can make it to fit your needs.