Vote For Your Favorite i-Three Corps Projects

color_logoVote Early!  Vote Often!

That’s an old political joke…but in the case of eXtension’s i-Three Corps…it’s NOW the truth.

We had such a GREAT turnout with voting on Friday we’ve opened up the process even further…now you can vote for as many i-Three Corps applications as you’d like!  So…go back to Vote For the Corps and vote again.  We know that many of you were torn about being able to vote for JUST one application.  NOW you can vote for more.  Search by the NAME of the person you want to vote for.  Voting ends at MIDNIGHT onWednesday, December 16!!!

This public voting process is allowing eXtension to tap into the expertise and talent of the entire Cooperative Extension System and beyond using mass collaboration.  We want to capitalize on the knowledge and skills available through the “crowd” to look at a new and different way of evaluating our work.

IMG_1919BUT, just a reminder, this public vote is NOT the only part of the evaluation of i-Three Corps applications.  It’s actually a very small but exciting part of our process.  Teams of key informants in climate and food systems are currently thoroughly evaluating all applications for quality, validity, efficacy, and relevance.

We started recruiting the i-Three Corps with a goal of finding 200 nominees.  We had nearly 300 team members and individuals at the end of the nomination phase.  Approximately 140 teams and individuals moved forward and submitted applications to the Corps. Nominations and applications came in from almost every land grant university.  Team applications involve agents and educators, specialists and researchers and even public collaborators.

We’re very excited about where we are today and we want to share this excitement with you by asking you ONCE AGAIN to go in and help us to find the very best applications for the i-Three Corps!!!!