Image Audit Nears Completion

ImageAuditeXtension content includes more than 10,000 images. This summer we received inquiries concerning copyright documentation from individuals and stock photo companies regarding some of the legal aspects of our hosted images. Even though our content management system provides ability to document an image source, there were gaps in providing proper attribution. To reduce the legal risk caused by lack of validated information, eXtension launched a process to audit each of our media files and provide documentation where there was none. In addition, this process was used to “unpublish” low performing, unviewed material.

Beginning mid-August “stock” photographs were identified and documented. Images with insufficient proof of ownership were replaced. eXtension Staff worked with communities to accomplish this process which was completed on September 30, 2015. The next stage included an audit of original images and photographs, identifying the source, and attaching a Creative Commons license whenever possible. Thousands of images were checked. The process is still ongoing with a goal to complete all by December 31, 2015. At that time any images that do not have source information will be removed.

The following infographic illustrates the work that has been done thanks to the help of many individuals led by Anne Adrian.


If you believe that any image on the eXtension Foundation website should be removed, please notify eXtension Foundation’s Copyright Agent at or follow the notice and take down procedures outlined in our Terms of Use.