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2016 i-Three Issue Corps Roster

The following teams and individuals comprise eXtension’s 2016 i-Three Issue Corps.  This group of outstanding individuals is engaged in a unique opportunity to use the power of community, the strength of unique design, the experience of critical informants, the opportunities of like minds, and the spur of creativity to embolden and change how they work. They come to the Corps, either as a team or individually, with a project or experiment.  That project or experiment may be just beginning, may be in its mid point, or may be seeking its zenith…but it will still be impacted by their work with eXtension staff, key informants and experts, and each other:

The Corps Roster is also available in Gallery View, by Institution, and by Climate-Food Systems

Project Descriptions Handout – PDF

Ingrid Adams University of Kentucky
Ariel Agenbroad University of Idaho
Laura Balis University of Wyoming
Robert Bardon North Carolina State University
Marlin Bates Kansas State University
Brad Bauer Montana State University
Mary Berg North Dakota State University
Alicia Betancourt University of Florida
Mark Blevins North Carolina State University
Mariel Borgman Michigan State University
Roslynn Brain Utah State University
 Cindy Brison University of Nebraska
 David Brune University of Missouri
 Susan Buffler UAS Community
 Janie Burney University of Tennessee
 Paige Burns North Carolina State University
 David Campbell University of Florida
 Libby Carnahan University of Florida
 Caleb Carter University of Wyoming
 Benjamin Chapman North Carolina State University
 Craig Chase Iowa State University
 Melissa Chase Virginia Tech University
 Amy Christian Lyson Center Cornell University
 Sherry Cirignano Rutgers University
 Tony Cook Auburn University
 Whitney Kay Danhoff University of Tennessee
 Robert Davies Utah State University
 Kristin Davis North Carolina State University
 Michael Davis University of Missouri
 Lindsey Day Farnsworth University of Wisconsin
 Alex DelCollo Rutgers University
 Joseph Donaldson University of Tennessee
 Carrie Edgar University of Wisconsin
 Doug Edlund University of Tennessee
 Brooke Edmunds Oregon State University
 Wesley Everman North Carolina State University
 Liz Felter University of Florida
 Linda Fetzer Pennsylvania State University
 Connie Fisk University of Nebraska
 Angela Renee Fox University of Kentucky
 Clyde Fraisse University of Florida
 Lisa Franzen-Castle University of Nebraska
 Amy Garrett Oregon State University
 Gilbert Gillespie Cornell University
 Terry Gipson Langston University
 Caitlin Glatting University of Florida
 Zach Glorioso University of Florida
 Fudd Graham Auburn University
 Becky Griffin University of Georgia
 Leigh Allen Guth North Carolina State University
 Jerri Hammonds Auburn University
 Alicia Harstad North Dakota State University
 Gary Hawkins University of Georgia
 Jill Heemstra University of Nebraska
 Richard Heflebower Utah State University
 Stephanie Heim University of Minnesota
 Alice Henneman University of Nebraska
 Duncan Hilchey Lyson Center Cornell University
 Paul Hill Utah State University
 Dennis HInkamp Utah State University
 Kelcey Hoffman North Dakota State University
 Rusty Hohlt Texas A&M University
 Matt Horsman University of Tennessee
 Luanne Hughes Rutgers University
 Janet Hurley Texas A&M University
 Kathryn Idzorek University of Alaska
 Nikki Johnson North Dakota State University
 Windy Kelley University of Wyoming
 Susan Kelly North Carolina State University
 Davie Keto University of Wyoming
 Pamela Knox University of Georgia
 Kaitlin Wocjiak Michigan State University
 Jane Kolodinsky University of Vermont
 Kelly Korman University of Florida
 Megan Leffew University of Tennessee
 Joanna Lelekacs North Carolina State University
 Gary Lesoing University of Nebraska
 Caryl Lester Town Square Hall Farmers Market
 Lisa Lunn University of Alaska
 Maecy Mannen Texas A&M University
 Morgan McKnight North Carolina A&T University
 Mark Megalos North Carolina State University
 Heather Manzo Mikulas Pennsylvania State University
 Susan Moore North Carolina State University
 Carlo Moreno University of Idaho
 Kathleen Morgan Rutgers University
 Andrea Morris Alabama A&M University
 Thomas Murphy Pennsylvania State University
 Kathy Murray Maine Department of Agriculture
 Glenn Muske North Dakota State University
 Gail Myers Farms to Grow, Inc.
 Shaku Nair University of Arizona
 Londa Nwadike University of Missouri and Kansas State University
 Faith Oi University of Florida
 Rudy Pacumbaba Alabama A&M University
 Renee Pardello University of Minnesota
 Erin Peot University of Wisconsin
 Ty Petty University of Tennessee
 Crystal Powers University of Nebraska
 Dominic Reisig North Carolina State University
 Roxanne Richards University of Minnesota
 Hans Schmitz Purdue University
 Randy Seagraves Texas A&M University
 David Smith Texas A&M University
 Chris Sneed University of Tennessee
 Molly Soeby North Dakota State University
 Gary Templeman University of Kentucky
 Jeremiah Vardiman University of Wyoming
 Lauren Vath University of Tennessee
 Margarita Velandia University of Tennessee
 Victor Villegas Oregon State University
 Jennifer Volk University of Delaware
 Caren Walton Texas A&M University
 Tamara Warren Alabama A&M University
 Todd Weinmann North Dakota State University
 Jeremy West University of Tennessee
 Virginia White Auburn University
 Elizabeth Whitefield Washington State University
 Lisa Whittlesey Texas A&M University
Katherine Williams North Carolina State University
 Tyler Williams University of Nebraska
 Mitch Woodward North Carolina State University
 Katie Wright University of Arkansas
 Aaron Yoder University of Nebraska
 Martha Yount University of Kentucky
 Garrett Ziegler Michigan State University