i-Three Issue Corps – Pollinator Spaces Project – An Update

Mason Bee Home
Mason Bee Home

Pollinator Planting Has Begun

It is planting season in Georgia.  The cold weather has hung on a bit longer than usual this year so in many parts of the state we are late planting our warm-season plants.  I am excited to say that at this time there are pollinator gardens going in all across Georgia and the Pollinator Spaces Project is in full force.  Gardeners from Savannah to Cartersville and from Monticello to Columbus are creating pollinator habitat.

Several conservation organizations are partnering with us and are adding pollinator habitat at their places of business.  Also, a few other Georgia colleges plan on adding pollinator gardens.  The project, which was originally designed for community and school gardens, has expanded.

Pollinator Project Info-Graphic Example
Info-graphics are an addition to my social media toolbox.

Effectively Using Social Media

At the i-Three Corps conference I was fortunate enough to spend time with social media specialists.  Since my project is statewide, much of the project is run by a website and driven by social media.  The specialists gave me some ideas to improve my social media presence.  I am now creating info-graphics and increasing my number of videos.   Using a social media manager means that I am spending less time on Facebook and Twitter and I am more deliberate in the timing of posts and tweets (our # is #gapollinators!)

Story Mapping in My Future

I was very excited to spend some time with Shane Bradt and learn about story mapping at the conference.  I plan to use story mapping at the end of this project.  Shane showed me many options on how I could present the story of my project to different audiences.  My Extension colleagues may need to see a different story map than the one presented to the public.  Since the conference I have gone through several tutorials and will be ready to work on this when the time comes.

For now, I am busy visiting gardens, assisting agents with pollinator habitats, and conducting workshops and presentations across the state. Stay tuned…